Meet Dom, The man behind SLF

I was born in Toronto, Canada, to Southern Italian immigrants, and luckily my parents encouraged me to learn and speak my native language. I speak Italian, Spanish and enough French to get me by. Ciao, Ca va bien? Muy lindo!

I moved to the great state of New Jersey when I was 12, and with the exception of my college years in Vermont, I’ve lived in NJ ever since. Last year my lovely fiancée Cassie and I moved to Asbury Park where we live two blocks from the beach with our black cats Tubby and Taco (aka TNT).

Besides being a filmmaker, I’m a songwriter and front-man to Like Herding Cats, my alternative indie rock band based in Bushwick. I play seven different instruments, with the weirdest and most epic being Italian bagpipes (yep, that’s a thing!).

When I have downtime, I travel as often as I can. The Catskills, Southern Italy, Joshua Tree, Denver, Toronto, Miami and New Orleans are some of my favorite spots and I’m dying to make it out to the The Grand Canyon and the Pacific Northwest.

You’re likely to spot me over on Cassie’s Instagram stories making pizza, playing my bagpipes or dancing and vacuuming our apartment (if you don’t have a Dyson you’re not living).